Our Purpose For The Environment

FreddyBags products are produced in accordance with current environmental standards.
The company is constantly committed to developing, implementing and maintaining management systems consistent with this policy.

We look for raw materials to be used in our processes, according to the ease of recycling for their future reuse, always giving preference to those that are at the base of the Green Peace pyramid for recyclable materials, and that have as their absolute criteria
their minimally invasive use in relation to the health and safety of employees, as well as their treatment in relation to the environment.

We also offer water-based inks and solventeless lamination that reduce harmful or dangerous emissions during the production cycle.

Our waste disposal is carried out by specialized companies, and are intended for both coprocessing, when reuse is not possible, or transformation into new products, once we understand, and we are always in constant innovation to have longer life cycles for the products developed by us.