Freddy Bags puts sustainability and ethics as absolute values, and we feel committed to providing environmentally friendly and ethically produced products, aimed at their use and later reuse, that can have a new life after their first useful life.

We focus on plastics that are strong in terms of recycling and recyclable, thus working to ensure sustainable thinking and promote the circular economy. These are the materials that are at the base of the Greenpeace pyramid for plastic, including PE and PP, which can still be oxy-biodegradable, contributing to their reuse more than once, or to their complete biodegradation.

In this context, we have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and work to ensure socially responsible manufacturing conditions for our products. Together with this new mentality, we make available new plastics that have been used previously, and that gain new life, through their transformation into new packaging, which help to reduce the volume of plastic waste disposed of in the wrong way in nature, and that would invariably end up in our rivers and oceans.