Plast vitæ® is a plastic compound developed with plastics that have already been used, both by industry and by the final consumer, and that would be discarded in the wrong way in nature, and would invariably reach the rivers and oceans of our planet. Its great innovation is the versatility in the creation of packaging, which can be monolayer, transparent or pigmented, and with characteristics very close to conventional material, thus creating packaging with a different design, which contribute to the reduction of waste disposed in the wrong way in nature. Among several applications, Plast vitæ® can be used in bags, zip bags, lining coils, shopping bags, e-commerce envelopes, etc., both in monolayer or multilayer material, with pigment and other substrates in its formation. Its main characteristics were maintained, resistance, weldability, printing capacity and recyclability to operate in several segments that require an innovative product, with great visual appeal and evident sustainability. One of our biggest concerns concerns Social Responsibility, and we try to create a product that has a strong participation in society as a source of work and income. Then came the idea of Plast vitæ®, a modern plastic that contains mainly plastics discarded in the industry, and after use by the end consumer and its disposal. The collection in all phases is done through cooperatives, NGOs and specialized companies providing a better distribution of income and generation of work in their communities and places of operation. Plast vitæ® – always teaching and educating how to properly dispose of your waste!

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