Choose the best solution for your personalized plastic bags from a wide range of possibilities.
FreddyBags produces plastic bags, for any business sector, with advanced production technologies, materials,
formats, and innovative and unique finishes. From the needs of its customers, FreddyBags produces plastic bags
totally personalized from the simplest ones, automatically produced by our machines, to the most elaborate ones
with manual finishes. Automatics can be printed in high definition and are competitively priced. The ones with
manual finishing have a very high print quality and preparation, are finished with a manual process and, thanks to
the most varied customizations, they become a true walking billboard, taking your brand everywhere. All of our
personalized plastic bags are produced with design, they are practical, colorful, recyclable and above all reusable,
today personalized plastic bags are no longer a simple carry and bring for shopping, they have an added value:
adding value to your brand !